wtorek, 28 września 2010

Sentimental Time by Strawberries Designs

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photo by Ela

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czwartek, 23 września 2010

Tiny Bear by Lily Designs

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Love Journal by Kimla Designs

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All For Love by Marta Designs

AutumnTreasures by Marta Designs

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sobota, 18 września 2010

Send a letters by StarLight Designs

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photo by JJ, gso

Template Pack Vol.03 by NH Designz, gso

Autumn on the way Collab kit by PinkLotty Designs & Me-Ka Designs

photo by M2m, gso
Spirit of Autumn by Palvinka Designs

photo by JJ

Sweet Escape by Palvinka Designs


autumn + WA bonus by et designs

wtorek, 14 września 2010

Time of Autumn by NH Designz

Tiramisu design "Sweet Things" templates
photo by Zielona

Color of Autumn by NH Designz

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niedziela, 12 września 2010

End of Love by Lily Designs

photo by Wendy

September Shot by Lily Designs

photo by Wendy

Play In Green by Strawberries Designs

photo by Ela,gso
Fall in love by MaryPop Designs

rak for Ivonka, gso

Passion by MaryPop Designs

photo by Wendy, gso

sobota, 11 września 2010

Dried Nature by Kimla Designs

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photo by A.Gedes,gso
Fresh Morning by PinkLotty Designs

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wtorek, 7 września 2010

template no1 by NH Designz, time to relax by et designs

The End of Summer Seasion by NH designz

Colour your Birthday by NH Designz

Deep In The Forest by StarLight Designs

Autumn Reflections by StarLight Designs

photo by Wendy

USE YOUR LOVE by StarLight Designs

BYE BYE SUMMER TIME by StarLight Designs

When the Summer ends add on by Kimla Designs

gso, photo by Wendy

When the Summer ends by Kimla Designs

Lavender Story by Kimla Designs and Holly Spring Designs

Template Pack Vol.02 by NH Designz
rak for Magda (m2m)

Seven Seas by Kimla Designs