poniedziałek, 27 grudnia 2010

Happy New Year

happy new year by et designs

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My first christmas by MDesigns

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Magic Night by MDesigns

photo by Magda_lena, gso
Breath of magic by Starlight Designs and MaryPop Designs

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Snowy Day by MaryPop Designs

Believe in Miracle by MaryPop Designs

Mistletoe and Wine by Mystique Designs

Rule the world by Mystique Designs

photo by Natalka L, gso
Merry Christmas by Lily Designs

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" My Happy World " by Marta Designs

photo by Henulka

Play of Colors by Marta Designs


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Carnival Night by GoldenSun Designs

photo by Patrycja Baczkowska ,gso

Holy night by GoldenSun Designs

Cute Moments by Strawberries Designs

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czwartek, 9 grudnia 2010

"Somewhere In Between" - Collab by Marta Designs & StarLight Designs

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template-Delight your memories "Vanilla - Blackberry" by NH Designz
photo by Wendy

niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

My Little Winter by Martencja Designs
Freebie for the A5D "On the House" Challenge.

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Winter Joy by Strawberries Designs
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photo by JJ
Winter fun - Collab by Vesi design & Anna design

"Magic is in The Air" by Tiramisu design

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The smell of Christmas by NH Designz

WA- JanaO, gso
CHRISTMAS CAKES... by StarLight Designs

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gso, photo by P.Baczkowska
Violin Secret by Marta Designs